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Adulteration test urine

This test can determine whether the urine sample was manipulated before for the drug test.

The Urine Control Stick 7 is used to give evidence of the presence of commercial test adulterants such as nitrites, glutaraldehyde, bleach agents, pyridium chlorchromate, and other oxidation agents.  The Urine Control Stick can also detect the adulteration of a sample with acids and bases with the use of pH values. The 7 parameters are compared to a provided colour scale to detect adulteration.



Manipulation of urine samples

It happens again and again that urine samples are manipulated to "pass" a drug test, although drug consumption has taken place beforehand. The deliberate falsification of the urine sample sometimes shows a lot of creativity on the part of the test persons. Usually, something is added to the urine sample in order to disguise drug residues with it. Special anti-adulteration tests have been developed to detect such adulterations. The adulteration test detects commercially available adulterants such as nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach, pyridium chlorate and other oxidizing agents. Adulterants with acids or bases are also detected via the pH value.


Package contents:

  • 25 adulteration rapid tests

  • 1 instruction


  • Easy to use and easy to read

  • Detailed product description


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