Veterinary rapid tests

Giardia tests for dogs and cats

Dogs, cats and other animal species are exposed to bacteria, viruses and parasites. The symptoms of infestation usually do not immediately lead back to the cause, but with the help of our tamaVet® brand veterinary rapid tests, various pathogens can be detected.

You can carry out our rapid tests conveniently and without great effort from home. In this way, you get an initial indication of your pet's illness without having to visit a specialist.


What are the signs and symptoms of an infection with Giardia lamblia?

As a rule, giardia symptoms show similarities with other parasites and are therefore easy to confuse. However, the following symptoms are often observed with giardia infestations. For example, dog and cat puppies alike suffer from cyclical, extremely foul-smelling diarrhoea that is often also covered in mucus and, more rarely, bloody diarrhoea and vomiting. Abdominal pain and fever can also occur. Although the animals still have an appetite, the food they eat is less easily digested and utilised. This can lead to weight loss and developmental disorders.

Even older pooches and kitties are not immune to giardia. They usually show no symptoms, but can still infect other animals.

If you are unsure, our tamaVet® Giardia rapid test can provide clarity in a matter of minutes. It is almost impossible to differentiate between an infestation with Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum, which is a very similar intestinal parasite which causes almost identical symptoms. For this reason, we recommend our combination test, tamaVet® Multi 2TD, which can detect both pathogens from a single faecal sample.

As the excretion of both Giardia and Cryptosporidia can be irregular and also stop intermittently, several examinations of faecal samples may be necessary. Solid faeces generally have few or no cysts. If the test is negative, but symptoms of Giardia persist, it is recommended to repeat the test shortly afterwards. As always, positive results should be confirmed by a veterinarian who can explain how to proceed.


Treatment for Giardia test:

To minimise the risk of infection for humans and animals, treatment should be initiated as soon as possible. A veterinarian can begin a course of medication to treat the Giardia. Please pay close attention to the dosage instructions provided.


What you should do as a pet owner if your furry friend has a Giardia infestation:

  • Only pick up your pet's droppings whilst wearing gloves and dispose of them in a sealed bag. Also, wear disposable gloves when cleaning the litter tray.
  • Disinfect everything that has come into contact with the faeces using a disinfectant effective against parasites. Clean out the cat litter tray on a daily basis with boiling water.
  • Clean out food bowls multiple times a day using boiling water.
  • Clean blankets, pillows and – if necessary – toys and bedding using a hot wash.
  • Keep the hair around the anal area short and clean it, if necessary, with a special shampoo available from your veterinarian.

Giardia causes serious disease in dogs and cats, but if diagnosed promptly it can be treated successfully by a vet. Our tamaVet® Giardia rapid test can help here. The quality of our tests is routinely constantly checked by our veterinary department in order to keep your animals safe.


Guide tamaVet Giardia created with our veterinarian Dr. med. vet. R. Zippert


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