Mouth protection mask KN95 particle protection 95% alternative to FFP2

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The KN95 mask is a real alternative to the standard FFP2 and has a filtration performance of 95%.

Protection for others and yourself

Our KN95 type masks are a protection for others as well as for the wearer. Their effectiveness is comparable to that of FFP2 protective masks, which follow a European standard. The KN95 classification corresponds to the equally strict Chinese standard GB 2626-2006, which is officially accepted in Europe. The difference between the two masks is therefore mainly in the designation as well as their origin.

KN95 masks also provide a physical barrier against the spread of larger droplets from the wearer - such as from coughing.
Skin-friendly, multi-layered non-woven fabric brings a high level of comfort even during prolonged wear.

Advantages of the KN95 masks at a glance:

  • Nose clip, elastic ear loops and skin-friendly non-woven fabric.
  • 4-layer, breathable mask
  • Certified according to GB 2626-2006 (type KN95)
  • Physical filtration system: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nanomembrane
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95%*
  • Breathing resistance: inhalation ≤350 Pa, exhalation ≤250 Pa
  • Available test reports: Bacterial filtration performance test report, Breathing resistance test report

Our KN95 mask, like the FFP2 or N95 masks, offers sufficient protection and may accordingly also be worn as a genuine and effective alternative to an FFP2 mask.


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