SD THE EDGE™ blood lactate measuring device with test strips

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The SD THE EDGE™ blood lactate meter is a premium class mobile lactate meter and provides you with important information regarding your individual metabolism and oxygen debt. With this easy-to-use device, you will always have your training progress in view.

The system is specifically designed to monitor blood lactate levels in a variety of conditions, including: liver disease, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, muscular dystrophy, thiamine deficiency and tumor disease.

Due to the reliable and accurate evaluation of the results (in-vitro), the device is suitable for use in supporting the decision for further medical treatment of the patient. SD THE EDGE ™ blood lactate meter is designed for personal and professional use. Determine endurance and performance with the lactate meter within a short time, whether in the gym, during a diagnostic test or during training.

The Blood Lactate Meter Kit includes the following components:

  1 SD THE EDGE™ Blood Lactate Meter

  1 3V Lithium coin cell battery (CR 2032)

  1 Monitor Checker

  5 SD THE EDGE™ blood lactate test strips with code card and package insert

  1 carrying case

  1 lancing device

  5 lancets

  1 instruction manual


In addition to the previously mentioned parts, it is recommended to purchase a blood lactate control solution for the SD THE EDGE™ lactate meter to check the system.
For the quantitative determination of the lactate value in whole blood, we recommend the lactate measuring strips as further accessories. Lactate measuring strips can be reordered at any time.

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