Evidens laboratory hair analysis opioides – proof of abstinence

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Evidens Opioids enhanced drug screening suitable for MPU.

This drug screening tests for the following substances: Buprenorphine, Norbuprenorphine, Tramadol, Desmethyltramadol, Tilidine, Nortilidine, Ketamine, Fentanyl.

Laboratory analysis hair - Analysis of hair provides useful information regarding drug addiction history or different drug toxicity.


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Content 1 unit
EAN 4250387300736
Content Kit 1 set of instructions for sample collection
1 sample pouch with all necessary materials for hair collection
1 requisition form for the laboratory
1 addressed return envelope
Procedure 1. We send you the sample collection kit
with all necessary materials
in a discreet envelope delivered to your home.
2. The hair sample is then sent to the laboratory in the enclosed
addressed envelope.
Elaboration time The laboratory processing time is approximately 10 business days (not including weekends and holidays).
For analyses with express surcharge
samples will be prioritised in the laboratory and processing time will be approximately 5-6 business days.
The processing time indicated is extended if an additional confirmatory analysis must be carried out.


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