ESA Sweep Cocaine Wipe Test

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The cocaine wipe test from ESA Test is known for its instant identification of cocaine.

A simple wipe over the suspect surface (suitcase, clothing, table, etc.) confirms a possible presence of cocaine by a blue discolouration of the wipe.

ESA Sweep Cocaine Wipe Test

Detect cocaine residues on surfaces

2 ESA Sweep cocaine wipe test for detecting traces of cocaine on various surfaces.

The ESA Sweep cocaine wipe test is a special feature. On contact with cocaine, the cloth changes colour. In this way, a large number of surfaces or suspicious items of clothing as well as suitcases, bags or the interior of a car can be tested for traces of cocaine.

If there is cocaine on the surface, the wipe immediately turns turquoise blue. The intensity of the colour change depends on the amount and purity of the cocaine. Blue lines or dots indicate the presence of cocaine.


- Safe and easy to perform

- One-step test

- Economical and reliable

- Result available immediately

- Environmentally friendly

Test time:

Accurate result after 1 minute

Storage: 2°C to 30°C


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