Fertility and ovulation – know every step of the way

Ovulation tests provide a glimpse into the female body:
In women, luteinising hormone (LH) is involved in the maturation of the eggs and the production of oestrogen in the ovaries, along with follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). In addition, it sets ovulation in motion (ovulation). LH is between 2 and 8 U/l (units per litre) after menstruation (follicular phase) and after ovulation (luteal phase). In between, i.e. in the mid-cycle or ovulation phase, it rises to up to 20 U/l and triggers ovulation within 24-36 hours.
With the ovulation tests you can determine the actual relevant increases. This makes them an efficient means of increasing the chances of pregnancy. Our fertility tests for men as well as various test kits for determining the hormone profiles of men and women complete our range of tests on the subject of wanting children.

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