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The cannabis substance test is a high-quality rapid test for the identification of cannabis products, especially marijuana and hashish, as well as common street drugs based on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), such as hashish oil.

This substance test can be carried out conveniently at home.

Detectable drugs: Cannabis


The colour change already starts after a few seconds. In all cases, the colour is fully developed after a maximum of 1 minute: As time progresses, colour deepening occurs. The evaluation should therefore be completed after 2 minutes at the latest: In the presence of cannabis products in the sample to be analysed, a colour change from white to light grey to strong red occurs.

Dieser Substanztest wird von ESA Test in Deutschland hergestellt.

Package contents:

10 ampoules substance test cannabis (THC)
10 spatulas
1 Instruction


Easy handling and easy reading
Detailed product description
No hazardous ingredients
Environmentally friendly


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