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In vitro diagnostic product for self-diagnosis for the detection of hCG in human urine. Very few test results are anticipated with as much excitement as the result of a pregnancy test. In that context, a simple test procedure and a reliable and rapid test result are crucial. Our Pregnancy Tests have a diagnostic Sensitivity of > 99% and a diagnostic Specificity of > 99% giving highly reliable and accurate results. Unlike other products on the market, our test strips have a width of 4 mm, which simplifies the handling and performance of the test, as well as the reading of the test results. This pregnancy test can be performed easily at home.

Right at the beginning of pregnancy, the body produces the hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the hCG concentration in the urine rises continuously. It will double about every two days. The maximum level is reached between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy.

However, our early pregnancy test can already detect hCG from a concentration of 10 mIU/ml in the urine, which is reached on about the 10th day after fertilisation of the egg.


How reliable and safe is this test?

This early pregnancy test has a scientifically proven accuracy of more than 99%, so the reliability of the test is exceptionally high. Nevertheless, sometimes the result cannot be accurately estimated. If, for example, a negative result is shown at an early stage or before the expected menstrual flow, we recommend repeating the test after 3 days and using morning urine - it contains a higher concentration of hCG.

False-positive results can occur if the test is used incorrectly and in rare cases due to a medical disease (such as ovarian cysts or tumours). A recent birth, a miscarriage, the menopause and taking medication containing hCG can also influence the result.


What do I have to know when using the test?

You can use this test from the tenth day after the conception.

If you take the test before your period stops, i.e. at a very early stage, pregnancy will only be detected by the test in 74% of cases. This is due to the still very low hCG concentration in the 4 days before the period and individual fluctuations in the body's hCG production.

We therefore recommend using the first morning urine. It contains a higher concentration of hCG.


I have the result - what do I do now?

In case of a positive result - 2 clearly visible lines are displayed - please contact your gynaecologist to have the pregnancy confirmed. In case of an actual pregnancy, they will assist you for the best possible progress.

If the test result is negative and you do not have your period, we recommend that you retest after 3 days (with morning urine). If the test is still negative and you still do not have your period, please contact your doctor. She or he will investigate what is causing your period to stop.


Pack contents:

  • 20 pregnancy tests 10 miu/ml (individually wrapped)
  • 1 instruction booklet

Test procedure:

1. it is necessary to prepare the test strip and the urine cup with the urine sample.

2. take the test strip out of the package

3. dip the test strip into the urine for about 15-30 seconds

4. read the result after 3 to 10 minutes


SKU 141500OTC
Your options pregnancy test
Package Size 20 strips single packed
Content 20 units
Brand SD One Step
EAN 4250387308831
Advantages Easy to use and easy to read.
1 set of instructions in English (graphically illustrated and simply explained)
Highest sensitivity 10 mIU/mL (early test)
The test strips are individually packed.
To protect your privacy
products are discreetly shipped in opaque outer packaging.
Implementation 1. To prepare
you will need: test strips
urine cups with urine samples.
2. Immerse the strips in the urine for approx. 10 - 15 seconds. Be careful not to submerge the horizontal line in the urine.
3. You can read the result after just 3 minutes!
Interpretation Pregnant: 2 red lines appear
the control line (C) as well as the test line (T). There is a > 99% probability that you are pregnant!
Not pregnant: The control line (C) appears
but no test line (T). It is very probable that you are not pregnant.
Invalid result: If no lines are visible 5 minutes after use
or if only the test line (T) is visible
the result is invalid.
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