Saliva test

Saliva drug test - detection of acute drug influence

Saliva as a sample material for a drug test has two main advantages: firstly, the consumption of drugs can be detected more quickly in saliva than in urine. This means that the acute state of intoxication can be detected more easily via saliva. Secondly, a saliva test comes closest to the significance of a blood test. This means that while in urine, mainly degradation products of drug consumption, even some time ago, can be detected, in saliva, only recently consumed substances can be found. The result is similar to what is found in a blood test by a doctor, for example. In contrast to a blood test, however, saliva tests can also be carried out conveniently at home.

More information on detection times of drugs in saliva. 

Quick, painless and inexpensive.

A saliva test is uncomplicated because a saliva sample can be obtained quickly and easily. With a saliva test, you can check your hormone profile as well as perform a drug test. The possibilities that a rapid saliva test opens up are manifold.

Almost everything that can be detected in the blood can also be detected by modern, highly sensitive saliva tests. As far as drug screening is concerned, saliva tests have the advantage of indicating an acute state of intoxication, as drugs can be detected from just a few minutes after consumption to usually around 72 hours.
It is important to note that the detection time is influenced by various factors such as the quality and quantity of the substance used and also the type of consumption (smoking, snorting, injecting, etc.).

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