Drug test THC cannabis

THC drug test – detection of hashish and marijuana in urine, saliva and hair

No matter the question, we are certain we have the right product for you. Are you looking for certainty in the face of an upcoming medical-psychological assessment or do you simply want to know whether you can drive a car or whether your children overdid it at the last party? In the first case we would recommend a hair analysis through one of our certified partner laboratories. The latter question can also be unequivocally answered, in the comfort of your own home, by our saliva and urine rapid tests. In just a few minutes, they can test for not only THC, which is one of 113 active substances found in the cannabis plant, but also for other commonly suspected parameters.

Cannabis is still the most commonly used illicit drug worldwide. Our drug rapid tests and laboratory and hair analyses deliver answers to the question of whether THC is detectable in urine, saliva and/or hair.

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    The drug test Cannabinoids is a high-quality dip test for the detection of ca ... Learn More

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