Digital clinical thermometer SD-T 80 with fever alarm - waterproof, fast and precise

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A digital fever thermometer is the quickest, most accurate way to test for fever.

Digital fever thermometer with fast results, clear display, high precision, fever alarm, saves the last test result, automatic shutdown.

Check for fever at home using an oral, rectal, underarm. The battery is interchangeable and has a lifetime of 2 years.

The clinical thermometer from self-diagnostics SD-T 80

  • Fast and precise results in max. 10 seconds.
  • Waterproof, with clear display, very easy to read.
  • Memory function (last reading) and fever alarm.
  • Automatic switch-off, easy handling.
  • Digital temperature measurement: Underarm thermometer, rectal thermometer and oral thermometer in one.
  • Incl. protective cover, replaceable batteries, instruction manual in German language.

How do you take a temperature correctly?
There are different models and devices to take a temperature. Many choose to use a digital, battery-operated thermometer to take a temperature.
It determines the temperature via a sensor attached to the upper end. The determined value can be read on the digital display after the measurement.
Incidentally, you can take your temperature at several different places with such a device. It can be placed under the tongue and armpit as well as rectally (in the anus).


WWhat to do if you have a fever?as tun bei Fieber?
Brief and to the point: Go to the doctor. Especially if the fever rises above 40 degrees Celsius or lasts longer than two to three days.


The SD-T 80 clinical thermometer
The Self-Diagnostics SD-T 80 digital thermometer is useful and does what it is supposed to: Reliably determine the body temperature of babies, children or adults. With automatic storage of the last result and useful functions such as the fever alarm:If the temperature is too high, a gentle signal sounds automatically. This thermometer is the perfect companion and easy to handle.
For travelling, on the road or at home, it provides you with safe services for taking your temperature. It can be used rectally, orally or in the armpit. The rectal method is not very popular, but it is very accurate.

In addition, this CE-certified temperature sensor has a waterproof cover, a clear LCD for reading the measurement result and simple one-button operation. It switches off automatically when inactive. The batteries are replaceable and it comes with a protective cover and detailed operating instructions in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.


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