Urine test

The urine analysis (Urinalysis)

Urinalysis is one of the oldest methods in diagnostics. Urine test strips as a modern medical tool are a cost-effective method for the rapid analysis of specific urine values and pathological changes.

Did you know that people used to rely on frogs for a pregnancy test? Today, the urine test is the first source of information. It is easy to perform and quick to use. A more detailed laboratory analysis also provides answers to the question of accompanying parameters and indicators.

Urine tests in the form of rapid drug tests can be found in the separate category drug test:

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  1. Reactif test strips
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    Urine test strips for the determination of 11 Parameters: Ascorbic Acid, Bili ... Learn More

  2. Ovulation Test hLH 30 mIU/ml One Step
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    Easy, Fast, Reliable

    In vitro diagnostic product for self-diagnosis ... Learn More

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