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Drug test, rapid test or laboratory diagnostics

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  1. Reactif test strips
    from €4.90
  2. Veterinary test tamaVet Multi 2TD giardia, cryptosporidium parvum for dogs and cats
    from €68.00

drug rapid testdrug rapid test

Drug test - large selection of test parameters

A Drug-Detect rapid drug test can be carried out quickly and is also extremely reliable: A match of up to 99% to a drug test in the laboratory.

From the Multi 11 rapid drug test to the saliva test

You can find a table of detection times for the different types of drugs HERE.
Interesting facts about a proof of abstinence can be found in the drug test area.

  1. Cocaine test in urine - Test strips - Different Cut-offs
    from €13.49

Our brands - so that quality has a name

The quality of our diagnostic products is only one parameter - the most important one!
ISO 9001 certification and a CE product mark especially for home use - for us, this goes without saying!

urine test stripsurine test strips
felicia pregnancy and ovulation testfelicia pregnancy and ovulation test
family planningfamily planning
veterinary rapid testveterinary rapid test

Discover the diversity of diagnostics for the home.

A self-test or a rapid test is available when you need it - without waiting times and without an appointment: Test - when and where YOU want.
Our qualified medical product advisors offer you a comprehensive portfolio for diagnostics at home. Whether it's a quick medical test, laboratory analysis or
veterinary tests for animals - our products are designed for the end user and can be carried out without medical professionals.

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